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With the advancements in modern radio technology, we can provide you with an equivalent service to full fibre broadband with far less environmental impact. By removing the need to excavate long stretches of land or hang unsightly lengths of cable from telegraph poles there is very little disruption to the natural habitat and skyline. Our radio waves pose no threat to humans or wildlife, using low power transmissions our systems have less impact than mobile signals. Whereas a mobile 4G signal will penetrate the walls of your house, our signal will not even penetrate a leafy tree. Help protect our countryside, connect with vibre.



Once a new community network has been planned, members are pre-registered and vouchers have been requested and approved by the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, we will then proceed to install the network equipment required to deliver fast broadband to your community. The terminology we use for this infrastructure is “Backhaul”, upon completion of the backhaul we perform a full network test before commencing installation of the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at your property.


Our objective is to provide a broadband socket with a fast internet connection inside your property.  To do this we will install a radio at a mutually agreed location externally on your property.  This location balances convenience, aesthetics and signal strength.  From the radio we can provide up to 20m of external cabling and drill a hole through a wall or window frame to locate our broadband socket next to an indoor power point.  Our aim is to make this location as convenient as possible within our budget.

what your installation fee covers

  • Broadband radio fixed to an exterior part of your property in an agreed location where there is a viable radio signal
  • Up to 20m external cabling to bring broadband from the radio location to an agreed entry point on your property
  • Minimal interior cabling to fix the broadband socket next to a 240V power source near the entry point
  • We provide a basic router to enable a wifi connection from the access point, upgrades are available, please see the add-ons section for further details

what your installation fee does not cover

  • Installing more than 20m of external cable
  • Installing distribution cabling inside your property
  • Reprogramming computers, digital TVs or radios
  • Reconfiguring existing WiFi or network devices
  • Rewiring ethernet or electrical circuits
  • Getting WiFi from our termination point to other rooms in your property
  • Reducing or removing trees or vegetation to improve a radio signal

what you can do to fully enable your property

  • Please browse our available add-ons if you require assistance sending your broadband signal around your home using Powerline Adapters. These are very clever devices that send the data through your electrical circuit to peripheral rooms.
  • You have the option to employ us to help you. Additional works, outside of the scope of a standard installation as described above, are chargeable at the rates displayed here.
  • Contact a local IT company to carry out the work. We can recommend some of the most talented local network engineers who may be able to assist

Please Note – the location of your existing router/BT master socket may not be a suitable termination point for our broadband connection due to the location and distance of the radio.  You may have to redesign your internal networking system or extend the cable from our termination point.

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